I am Scott Fischer and I live in Somerset with my wife, daughter and three dogs. Taking photographs is everything to me and photographs serve as our best reminders of Friends, Family and those Special Events.  I grew up just North of London on the Hertfordshire Bedfordshire border but on meeting my wife, moved down to Somerset where we've established ourselves.


I enjoy the country life outdoors.  My main passions away from photography are skiing (this is quite a biggy), the dogs and cycling - the family stuff is a given on top all of this.


I thank you for taking the time to read and visit my page and I hope I get the chance to meet you face to face one day.


I will leave you with a thought I often have:


I have times where I wish I had taken more photographs.  I emplore everyone to take and have as many photographs taken of them through daily life, not just holidays and special events.  The selfie helps to achieve this but on some occasions, indulge in something special, perhaps I can help.



And a little secret about me: I'd love to live and work in the Swiss Alps.